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Addressing Covid -19

Eagle Air's number one priority is the safety of our passengers.


In addition to our regular cleaning practices, we have instituted the following policies to help further safeguard you:​

  • Our aircraft interior surfaces have been professionally sanitized and treated with Microshield 360 Antimicrobial - a Biostatic finish which prevents pathogens from living on surfaces for a year.


  • Our flight crews continue to use sanitizing products to fully wipe down all aircraft surfaces and handles after every flight and will refrain from shaking hands with any clients. All crew members wear masks when interacting with clients.

  • All passengers are now asked to report any symptoms indicative of Covid-19, as well as disclose any possible exposure. Passengers are asked to affirm this again at the time of flight. 

  • While we do our best to provide travel to all your desired destinations, we continue to adhere to the safety regulations and restrictions imposed by local, state and federal authorities. 

  • Upon boarding, Eagle Air provides each passenger with a personal bottle of hand sanitizer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to flying you again and are ready when you need us. 



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